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Company search services

The process of searching for an appropriate supplier may sometimes become quite time and efforts consuming. Moreover, there are usually a lot of variables to be taken into consideration at the beginning of cooperation. EngiConnection comes up with the "Find for me" service to help you find the most suitable business partner for your need with no efforts.

How it works?

- Share your project details and service demand with us
- Sit down and relax while we're doing all the work
- EngiConnection representative will look up for the best fit for your need and discuss all the details with potential partners
- We'll introduce you with the list of top candidates for your project, as well as an expert feedback and recommendations
- Now you are ready to take the decision on further steps.

Why it's important?

- Saved time for more important things
- Multi criteria company analysis
- Deep dive into details with credible companies
- Expert judgement of competencies
- Reduced risks before business nomination
- Comparison of the most important project aspects

Resources extension

When it comes to resources leveling, it might become really tough to keep it at the same level for a long time without fluctuation.This is related to both people resources and machinery.EngiConnection challenges this issues with a resource sharing service.

How it works?

Companies willing to allocate their resources create a post
Business partners search for free resources and get in contact
The same is applicable for people

Machinery resources sharing

Optimize resource planning and OEE.
Extend your capacity for a specific project
Get a backup in days of supply chain disruptions
Production process validation before capital investments in machinery
Eliminate downtimes during breakdowns

People resource sharing

Optimize planning of available people resources.
Share excessive people resources temporarily.
Extend employee competencies while working on outside projects.
Get the best professionals for your project

Company verification

We understand all the doubts when searching for a new business partner, no matter whether for a long term cooperation or for a simple one time project. We address this with the  Company Verification service that will ensure your cooperation will go smoothly. EngiConnection will arrange an on side visit of representatives so that you are confident about the company level and competencies.

How it works?

- Find a service provider you want to work with
- Request a verification service by EngiConnection
- Sit and relax while we're doing all the work
- Our representatives will contact the selected company and agree all the details of the on-side visit
- Receive a detailed company report with our professional feedback and recommendations
- Analyze information and take the decision on further steps

Why it's important

- Minimize cooperation risks in the beginning
- Cooperate with credible companies
- Eliminate time loses and compare companies simultaneously
- Evaluate technical capabilities remotely
- Understand the processes flow and its reliability
- Holistic company report, live video and photos provide you with actual information
- Save your time for more important things

Why it is beneficial for companies

- Get more trust from clients
- Prove your capabilities and portfolio
- Compare your company against others
- Spot your weaknesses and strengths

Product and Project management

Are you struggling to realize your great idea?
EngiConnection knows how. We provide you with a complete service of Project and Product management processes. Starting from its ideation all the way through the design and final product validation. This covers such domains as planning, development and industrialization phases.

Project management

- Project requirements
- Project planning
- Service providers sourcing
- Engineering support
- Execution control
- Legal support

Product management

- Product discovery
- Competitors analysis
- Product roadmap
- Product strategy
- Business plan

Product design

- Product conceptualization and design
- GD&T consideration
- Part design checklists
- Cost benefit ratio comparison
- Structural analysis (FEM)
- Design to cost (DTC)

Feasibility study

- Design for manufacturing (DFM)
- Feasibility study
- Hot or Cold runner injection molds design
- Injection molding simulations and reports
- Injection molding tools check according to the customer and product requirements
- Injection molding tools correction management
- SAT preparation and management

Prototyping and MVP validation

3D printing and Rapid prototyping
Start-ups product launch support
Time to market reduction
Early idea validation

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